8 Top Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Last Updated: June 14, 2019

Are you coming to Barcelona and are you looking for incredible spots to amaze your Instagram followers? The city offers plenty of stunning picture opportunities.

1. Bunkers del Carmel

The Bunkers (also known as El Turó de la Rovira) are the Instagrammable place by definition. The sun going down behind the mountains and the 360° view of Barcelona are the perfect set to gain a lot of likes on Instagram. Enjoy this beautiful landmark and don’t forget your camera!

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2. La Barceloneta

Let the boardwalk full of palm trees and the sandy beaches of Barceloneta inspire you! If you are morning person, you can even relax in the empty seaside and take your best shot at the crack of the dawn.

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3. Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Situated in Horta neighbourhood, Horta’s Labyrinth Park is one of the most romantic and suggestive yard’s of the city. Get lost in its labyrinth and remember to post all your pictures!

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4. Ciutadella Park and Park Güell

Your Instagram will be incomplete without pictures of Ciutadella Park and Park Güell. The first one is located in the real center of the city and it is a perfect spot with its lake and its fountains. Park Güell will also satisfy your followers with its modernist architecture and its thriving vegetation! (If you are lucky you can even see some colourful parrots flying around the trees).

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5. MACBA Square

What is a trip to Barcelona without posting a picture of skaters? La “Plaza del MACBA” is the right place to find them. In front of the Contemporary Art Museum, a lot of skaters meet here every day, trying their tricks in this modern square. Just be careful not to be in their way!

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6. Nevermind

On the subject of skaters, after visiting the MACBA, why not chill out and have a beer at the Nevermind Pub. Really close to the Square, the underground environment and the integrated half-pipe design makes this bar the perfect place for a likable Instagram post.

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7. Carrer del Bisbe

Absolutely the most famous spot of the Gothic Quarter. Pose in front of the neo-gothic bridge in this narrow street and dazzle all your followers!

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8. Magic Fountain

Take your perfect picture during the Magic Fountain show! Let the colourful game of light and water inspire you in the beautiful Plaza de España.

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