Bunkers Del Carmel: Visitor Tips

Last Updated: October 2, 2019

So you’re looking for a chill spot in Barcelona? Look no further!

The Bunkers Del Carmel is a place where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with your best friends, have a few drinks and take some stunning Instagram photos while you’re at it.

Sound like fun?

Well then let me quarterback this and help you plan out your trip to the bunkers so you can just focus on having fun.

Before we get into the fun stuff let’s talk history for a bit.

That way you’ll at least have some fun facts to impress your date. Or in case you meet the love of your life at the bunkers!

What is the Bunkers Del Carmel?

Bunkers Del Carmel Viewpoint

Also known as The Barcelona Bunkers and also Turó de la Rovira.

This is derived from the name of the mountain range it’s built on – The Tres Turons.

It stands at a majestic height of 262 meters, giving you an unobstructed 360-degree view of the entire city!

I’m sure you’re curious why the Bunkers exist.

It was built during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and acted as a spot that held anti-aircraft weaponry.

Yes, this spot was strategically used to shoot down enemy planes!

After the war in 1939, the Bunkers were taken over by immigrants until they were evicted in 1990 before the Olympic Games.

Today, it’s still an iconic spot.

Time to have drinks with your friends and take some bomb selfies! ?

Getting to the Bunkers

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Now let’s get to the fun part, travelling to the Bunkers!

The best way to reach the Bunkers is to take the bus. There are many buses that you can take such as the 114, 119, and 24.

From there it’s a short walk up to the Bunkers, use Google Maps and you’ll have no problems.

Another way you can get here is by taking the Metro to station Alfons X or Guinardó. From there it’s a half-hour walk.

TRAVELLER TIP: If you’re taking Alfons X, be ready for a workout as there’s a pretty good incline up to the Bunkers.

Tips to Enjoy the Bunkers Del Carmel to the Fullest

1. Arrive Earlier

The Bunkers are no longer a secret and many people come here to hang out and enjoy the view.

This is definitely not a quiet spot anymore and it gets quite busy, especially before sunset, so plan accordingly.

I would recommend arriving at the Bunkers two hours before sunset to get a good spot.

If you’re there at sunset, good luck finding a spot to sit!

2. Bring Food and Drinks

There’s no better place to enjoy the view and eat some yummy food with a glass of wine.

There’s nothing like enjoying an adult beverage while the world’s most magical sunset leaves you breathless.

TRAVELLER TIP: When you’re packing your bags do NOT forget to bring water. It gets quite hot in the summer with the sun roasting you and no shade at the Bunkers. It also helps you avoid a nasty hangover the next day, so stay hydrated!

3. Pack a Good Flashlight

Well, that escalated quickly.

It gets dark really fast after taking in the sunset.

If you don’t feel like trekking back down in the dark, make sure you pack a flashlight.

4. Go During Sunrise Instead

Everybody mentions the beautiful sunset, but the sunrise at the Bunkers Del Carmel is criminally underrated.

If you’re not a big fan of crowds and want some peace, this is the time to go! You still get the awesome panoramic views without having to photoshop 1,000 people out.

5. Pack Something to Sit On

So, you’ve arrived early and also packed all your munchies.

The only thing left to do is find a great spot and enjoy yourselves.

I suggest bringing a towel or some inflatable chairs with drink holders to sit on for maximum comfort. ?

FINAL TIP: Once you’re ready to go, remember to clean up after yourself!

There it is! We hope this article will help you get the most out of your trip to the Bunkers Del Carmel.

If you have any questions about travelling to the Bunker, please leave a comment below or contact us and we’ll get back to you!