Christmas in Budapest

February 8, 2017

The last month of the year and the first month of the winter season has a lot in store for visitors to Budapest.

Although the weather is cold with average monthly temperature around 2 deg. Celsius, a range of festivals, Christmas fairs, concerts and other activities take place at various spots in the city enticing everyone to brave the unpleasant weather.

Besides, Christmas children are expecting the visit of Santa on St. Nicholas day, 06. December.

Joulupukki, the real Santa comes to Hungary from Finnland for a week.

He can be spotted at various places in Budapest, including Vörösmarty tér.

December ends with awesome New Year parties at various venues: in the streets, on the Danube, in bars and clubs, and at Rodamón Di Verdi Budapest.

Weather in December – What to Pack?

I’ve already mentioned that December is cold with temperatures below zero or a couple of degrees above zero.

On top of the subzero temperatures it is often cloudy and windy.

We usually don’t get much snow in December (in previous years there wasn’t any), though some days there is some rain or sleet.

It’s best to dress in several layers: so do bring warm sweaters, cardigans, or a vest that you can pull on a long-sleeve shirt.

A lightweight but warm coat, scarf, winter cap, gloves are must to make exploring the city in the cold more pleasant.

Warm socks and a comfortable winter boots/shoes (water proof, if possible) can also go on your packing list.

Wine Programs In and Out of Budapest

December is a great time to sip fine wines in a

  • romantic cellar,
  • a modern wine shop in downtown or
  • on a cruise boat on the Danube
  • or you can explore a small wine region near Budapest (lunch/dinner with transfer)