Top 5 Reasons to Visit Barcelona

May 4, 2017

Barcelona is one of the most popular destination in Europe with the bewildering historic architectures, strong culture, delicious cuisines and booming nightlife. It is one of the world’s most beloved cities for good reason and here’s five of them.

1. Climate

Sizzling summer, mild winter. As a coastal city at the Mediterranean, Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate. During summer, the Azores high dominates the weather: warm, hot and dry. The average temperatures are around 28°C. During winter, it is mostly cool and rainy but there are days with clear air and sight. Therefore, the weather is perfect for exploring museums, climb the Tibidabo or attend a balloon trip.

2. Food

Let’s be honest. Spain is huge in the culinary world and cities like Barcelona has long been on the foodie map. Typical diet in Barcelona is Mediterranean, with the abundance of seafood, vegetables, rice and legumes. But, the real traditional cuisine throughout Barcelona is rather like its people: solid and gutsy. Meaty dishes like veal and blood sausages are paired with either peas or beans. Desserts are more mellow and include the famous caramel custard and crema catalana (crème brûlée).
The classic covered markets are the place-to-be for foodies. Top markets include the famous Boqueria, Barceloneta, Sant Antoni, and Santa Caterina. Prepare to drop your jaws while admiring the exotic architectures before devouring the colorful bounty of local cuisines filling the stalls.

3. Architecture

Speaking of architecture, Barcelona is home to some of the most unique and mind blowing structures in Spain. It is celebrated for its famous mix of Gothic and modern architecture. Famous for its beautiful tiles which adorn the city’s buildings, Barcelona reflects the region’s diverse culture, nodding to its past and remaining optimistic about its future. The most favorite and visited attractions are Park Guell and Sagrada Familia which are both designed by the Spain’s most famous architect, Antoni Gaudi.

4. Shopping

Barcelona is a place that bids you to shop. The Barcelona Shopping Line is one of Europe’s major retail areas. It’s a 5km boulevard with shops and architectural gems runs from the post to the uptown area. While you browse for your next party dress or souvenirs, you can also admire the unbeatable architectures such as the Casa Batlló, Casa Amatller and La Pedrera.

5. Nightlife

Bring your dancing shoes because Barcelona is definitely a place to party like there’s no tomorrow. There are tons of clubs to choose from, whether it’s on the beach or in an old, narrow street of a medieval town. A good starting point is to head over to Las Ramblas where you can witness street performers playing their trades and narrow streets are flooded with locals and tourists alike to dine and drink. For the upmarket experience, people often flock to Port Olympic where you can lounge of the beach terraces before moving indoors to rock the dancefloor. Clubs in Barcelona tend to get busy after midnight if you go inside a club before midnight you might find only one or two people. So before you head into the club why not hit a bar for a cocktail or two.
Whether you want a peaceful vacation visiting old historic sites or you want to forget about your problems for a while and just have a blast, you cannot go wrong with Barcelona.